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Antique Walking Sticks and Canes
A small but varied selection of antique and vintage walking sticks, including some gadget canes.

Boars Tusk

A wonderful 9" Boars tusk set on a 36" calamander shaft, this early 20th C cane is in perfect condition throughout.

Ivory Bust

A 2" small but delightfully carved representation of William 4th set on an ebonised cane with the original brass ferule, the silver collar is dated 1862, good condition throughout.

Chinese Silver

A 20th C Chinese silver handled cane fashioned as a mythical dragon, the cartouche is marked for Marcel Eve Dinard, This could refer to the French road cyclist of the same name.

Bird Carving

A stunning 4" carving of a Snipe with glass eyes set on an exotic wood shaft, this beautifully crafted piece with silver collar dated 1920 is in perfect condition throughout, overall length 36.5"


This stunning 2" white metal Chrysanthemum sits atop a coramandel cane, it may be Chinese as it was the emblem of the Old Chinese Army or Japanese, a symbol of the sun and loved by the ancient Japanese Emperors. In perfect condition throughout, late 19th C or early 20th C.

Gadget Cane 1

An early 20th C rustic cane with a horseshoe symbol on the handle, opening up to reveal an early petrol cigarette lighter. The lighter still produces a flint spark when the wheel is turned, in lovely condition throughout.

Gadget Cane 2

This gadget cane holds the wonderfully named "Pocket 12" by W A M and American company from the early 20th C the top unscrews to reveal a holder with 12 useful screwdrivers, awls and boring tools which fit into the handle for use. All 12 bits are intact and the whole piece is in good working order.

Gadget Cane 3

This is an early 20th C all metal Tripod Cane, the handle unscrews, the ferule unlocks and the legs pull out from the shaft to create a 53" (when fully extended) tripod. The whole cane has been painted to look like wood and is good condition throughout.